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Cam Models Earn 25% Extra Income with Payoneer

How would you like free money!? Yeah, right!... I kid you not! If you're a webcam model who is currently, or thinking about, camming on any of the more popular cam sites, then chances are you'll have already heard of Payoneer. Well they, wait for it... are giving away, yes giving, gratis, free of charge, no strings attached, an extra 25% income boost on your earnings simply by opening an account and receiving your payouts with them.

Payoneer is a really sensible payment option for UK webcam models, funds are loaded directly your account, which can then be spent or withdrawn at ATMs using a Payoneer card, you can even transfer the funds to your UK bank account should you wish to do so. All in all it's not too dissimilar from getting paid to your traditional bank account, and as you would with your normal debit card account, enjoy the freedom to spend, pay for things, in shops & online and withdraw your earnings in cash.

So how do you get the 25% extra income boost? All you have to do is open a payoneer account (Important: using the button below), it's really quick and easy, no long forms to fill out or need for loads of ID, then once you're up and running, simply get paid $100 to your new account and you'll be delighted to see an extra $25 on top. It's that easy!

Open a Payoneer Account

Once you receive $100 in payments, you will receive a $25 reward.

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  1. Louise 28 March, 2018 at 15:39 Reply

    What was the reason behind FirstChoicePay?

    Why did Payoneer need to move all adult operations away from there to FCP?

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